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Good Sleep For Good Health

We may not be willing to compromise on our goals or happiness, but we are so willing to compromise on our sleep. It is World Sleep Day today — a day to remind ourselves of the importance of sleep in our lives.

Infographic: World Hearing Day

Hearing is essential - to communicate and to connect. This World Hearing Day let us spread awareness about hearing loss.

Infographic: World Rare Disease Day

February 28th is World Rare Disease Day - a day to encourage awareness about rare diseases. Our genetic counselor Neeraja Reddy shares this infographic.

Infographic: Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is as essential to our well being as our physical health. However, we often tend to ignore this aspect of our health. Our experts help raise awareness about mental health and its importance.

Facts about the Nipah Virus: Infographic

Did you get all the facts right about the Nipah virus infection? Our genetic counsellor has created this infographic to make things easier.

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Tuberous Sclerosis is an inherited genetic condition that affects different parts of the body in both children and adults. Learn more about related health concerns, genetic causes, and benefit of genetic testing and counseling.