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Yeh Diwali…DNA-wali

“Let The Light Of Knowledge Drive Away The Darkness Within” Contemporary Turkish playwright and novelist, Mehmet Murat ildan once...

Vasant Panchami Greetings

This Vasant Panchami, may the light of knowledge illuminate our path.

From Our Experts: It’s In YOU

Dr. Risha Nahar Lulla, Principal Genetic Counselor and Pharmacogenomics Expert at Mapmygenome, writes on the importance of genetics in our daily lives.

Schrodinger’s CAT … and Gs

We all know about Schrodinger's cat, don't we? We’ve read about it, some of us were quizzed on it in school/university, and some of us...

Bones, Brains and Bright Eyes : Read to Believe!

Certain days this year have been indeed UNIQUE. While some appreciate an individual's contribution, some have been valuable in celebrating the awareness and growing...


Punch away stress

No Place for Stress in Teams

Bye 2016; Welcome 2017

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