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Men’s Health Month

If you think patriarchy does men a lot of good, think again. With patriarchy, come several stereotypical expectations that do more harm than good, especially to men's health.

Mental Wellbeing for Humans at Home

Staying at home 24/7 is not easy. Our expert shares tips on mental well being for people at home.

Fear Mongering In The Times Of Corona

Pooja Ramchandran, India's pioneering genetic counselor, shares her thoughts on fear mongering and coronavirus.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is as important as physical health. Here's to more awareness, less stigma. Here's to more conversations, less fear.

Mental Health? What Does Our DNA Have To Do With It?

Understanding your genetic material and its associated factors will be advantageous for primary, secondary and tertiary risk prevention and guides plan amiable treatment procedures. With screening tests like Genomepatri you WILL find the best-suited route for yourself, and reiterates the importance of not following the crowd but forging a unique way of leading quality life. It is personalized, predictive, participatory, preventive, and POWERFUL!!!

Infographic: Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is as essential to our well being as our physical health. However, we often tend to ignore this aspect of our health. Our experts help raise awareness about mental health and its importance.

World Mental Health Day: What do genes have to do with...

Psychiatric illnesses are complex with multiple genetic variants, environmental and lifestyle risk factors. Learn more about the role of family history and how genetic counseling can help those at risk.

Mind your mind!

A healthy mind and a healthy body together make a healthy you! We take extra care to tend to our physical health. Most of...

Bones, Brains and Bright Eyes : Read to Believe!

Certain days this year have been indeed UNIQUE. While some appreciate an individual's contribution, some have been valuable in celebrating the awareness and growing...

World Mental Health Day 2015

Mental Health And Dignity This Mental Health Day, it's time for a reality check. How do we treat fellow humans with mental health issues? With care...