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Eclipse, Karma, And Black Magic? Busting Cleft & Craniofacial Myths

Children born with craniofacial anomalies – a cleft lip or palate or change in shape of the head - are often stigmatized. Early intervention can help them live healthy lives.

Genomics and Genetic Testing Overview: A Comprehensive List of Genomic Tests

Genetic tests analyse the DNA. Genetic tests can not only confirm or rule out diagnosis of disease, but also determine the chances of being affected by a disease later in life or passing on the abnormal genes to the progeny.

Prenatal Nutrition: Are You Eating for Two?

Smart mommas are choosing a healthy diet and lifestyle even before conception. Find out why nutrition is important to you and to the baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

Genetic Counseling 101 – Decode your Gs and Cs!!

A significant number of physical and health characteristics are predetermined on account of being inherited from our parents. As a kid, when I didn’t...

Asking for ‘Consanguinity’ in a couple ? – Rather ask for...

As an experienced Ob/Gyn/ Infertility doctor, when a couple comes to you for their preconception visit or confirmation of an early pregnancy, you may...

Getting pregnant – Your 7 step guide

“Roop tera mastaana; Pyaar mera deewana; Bhool koi humse na ho jaaye” ….No no it’s ok. Aaj bhool hone do. Want a kid right? Well, we all know...