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New Year Resolutions for 2018: Your Genes Can Help You

Anyone who has been addicted to nicotine in some or the other form, or to alcohol, has resolved, at least once in his or her life to do away with the habit. In defense of the ones who aren’t able to quit drinking or smoking, part of the problem lies in their genes.

Demonetization contd. – RBI and ATM

It's been close to 40 days since demonetization was announced by the government. The number of ATMs that disburse cash has reduced to 13%...

In the midst of #demonetization, Remonetize your health

In the midst of #demonetization, Remonetize your health During the last 2 weeks since the demonetization has been announced, my entertainment has been the Parliament...

Know Your Resilience

Resilience is a quality that empowers us and keeps us going in tough situations. It keeps people growing through the positives and negatives in life.