ThinkGenetic, Mapmygenome join hands to improve genetic services

The US-based ThinkGenetic and Mapmygenome, a personal genomics company in Hyderabad, have joined hands to improve genetic services and diagnostics for providing better preventive healthcare.

Through this partnership, ThinkGenetic users from India will be able to connect more easily to the resources closer to them. Mapmygenome, which currently specialises in clinical genomics and molecular diagnostics, has teams providing genetic services all over India.

“The partnership can provide a streamlined option for our users from India,’’ says ThinkGenetic Co-Founder and President, Len Barker.

“While we do not provide medical services ourselves and continue to be US-based, we are keen to offer those living with a genetic condition access to the help they need wherever they are located.”

ThinkGenetic regularly receives inquiries from users worldwide with their questions or concerns about living with genetic disorders. The company can provide the user with a trusted referral to board certified genetic counsellors at Mapmygenome.

“We help consumers, patients, and physicians with knowledge about genetics and genomics through genetic testing and genetic counselling services”, says the company CEO, Anu Acharya.

While most of the ThinkGenetic knowledge base is currently written in English and focuses on those in the US and Canada, it has visitors from over 170 countries. ThinkGenetic locates individuals with diagnosed and undiagnosed genetic diseases using artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Originally Published: Thehindubusinessline