Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Tuberous Sclerosis is an inherited genetic condition that affects different parts of the body in both children and adults. Learn more about related health concerns, genetic causes, and benefit of genetic testing and counseling.

Why Is Genetic Counseling Important?

Genetic conditions might not have a cure, but genetic counseling and genetic testing is often the crucial first step to appropriate and vital recommendations for healthcare management and/treatment for individuals with a genetic condition.

–Pooja Ramchandran, India’s pioneering genetic counselor


And here’s the infographic


Tuberous Sclerosis Complex - Infographic

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About the Creators

zainabZainab Abbas graduated from VIT, Vellore in Biotechnology and currently is an intern learning the ropes from expert genetic counselors at MapmyGenome. Shadowing many cases, Zainab has been learning how genetics works and how genetic counseling is really done for various genetic conditions.



neerajaNeeraja Reddy is a board-certified genetic counselor (American Board of Genetic Counseling). She is a genetic counselor at Mapmygenome. Neeraja completed her Masters in Genetic Counseling from Brandeis University, Waltham, MA. She had earlier worked with University of Pennsylvania, Telegenetics Program.



Pooja Ramchandran is a pioneer in the field of genetic counseling in India and Director of Genetic Counseling at Mapmygenome. She has been practicing clinical genetic counseling in India since graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 2008. She is a much sought-after expert in a niche profession and, being the first genetic counselor in the country with a formal degree in genetic counseling, she is committed to establishing the genetic counseling profession in India.




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