World Mental Health Day 2015

Mental Health And Dignity

This Mental Health Day, it’s time for a reality check. How do we treat fellow humans with mental health issues? With care and compassion they deserve or with inhuman stigma and contempt?

  • Quite often, these unfortunate men and women who are enchained by their minds are restrained and treated like dirty family secrets. Their own family members neglect them.
  • Those who are placed in the care of special “homes” also face emotional and physical abuse from their “caregivers”.
  • A large number of mentally-ill patients are not given a choice in their treatment-related decision making.
  • About 90% of people with suicidal tendency have a diagnosable mental health issues.
  • Fear  of stigma often causes family members to hide mental illness, heedless of the genetic risks associated.

There are some mental issues that when neglected can push their victims into a downward spiral. And there are conditions that are treatable when detected early. Awareness, understanding, and care play a significant role in helping people with cognitive and psychiatric illnesses lead a healthier and happier life.

Mental health issues are a reality –

Stay aware!

Give back dignity;

Show that you care…

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