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Maternity test (mother and child)

Maternity test (mother and child)
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Maternity DNA test can accurately determine the biological mother of the child.



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"Maternity DNA test: can accurately determine the biological mother of the child. Here, the child’s DNA pattern is compared with that of the alleged mother to determine the probability of likelihood that the child has inherited the DNA from the alleged mother.

What type of sample is required?

Buccal swab is the most convenient method to collect DNA sample of the individual. From the sample DNA is isolated and is tested for genetic markers that are present in the mother and child. Based on these markers the DNA pattern is compared accurately in order to establish the relationship of a true biological mother to that of the child.

Maternity test results can be used in various circumstances. Most common ones are as follows:
To conclusively prove the biological relationship in an immigration case.
In case of adoption to confirm the adopted child with their biological mother.
In certain cases of In Vitro fertilization (IVF) where DNA maternity test is often ordered by mothers who conceived a child through IVF and to confirm whether the laboratory used the correct embryo during implantation.
In certain land and legal dispute cases
In Hospital’s after birth of the baby at times the staff believe that they must have mixed up the tags on the babies and either the child’s mother or the hospital proceed with the DNA maternity test to confirm that a mix up hasn’t occurred.

Here, the father need not to be tested for an accurate result. This maternity test is very accurate and provides result greater than 99.9% for inclusion and 100% for exclusions."

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