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GynaecMap is Mapmygenome’s DNA based wellness solution specially designed for women. This genomic solution gives insights into the health of endocrine and reproductive systems, bone health, BMI, and lifestyle traits.  This solution includes free genetic counselling and personalised recommendations.

Women wellness with predictive assessment for conditions that impact fertility, bone health, and menopause. Includes breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

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Why Gynaecmap?

You have learned from the earlier generations - to be strong, to be resilient, and to be smart. You forge your path and take charge of your life. You build a career and multiple streams of wealth. You balance work and life perfectly. You are the new generation woman, and may have a tendency to put your own health on the backburner and deal with unique health problems in your life related to Endocrine, reproductive health, heart health, and more.

Having valuable insights & early detection of these conditions can help lead a proactive life. Genetic factors, lifestyle habits are known to have been associated with most of the conditions like - early menopause, Age at Menarche, Endometriosis and more. Identifying the genetic risk can help put early screening and adopt a preventive strategy by making the possible lifestyle changes to mitigate the risk.

What is Gynaecmap?

Gynaecmap™ is a women’s wellness predictive panel from Mapmygenome. This revolutionary test reveals your genetic predisposition to key functions of women's health - endocrine and reproductive systems, bone health, obesity and lipid levels, lifestyle traits, and cancers.

Fitness & lifestyle

Endocrine & reproductive health


Heart Health & diabetes

How do you benefit?

A personalized genomic test like Gynaecmap is a complete women wellness package

  • We provide you with the Insights to your genetic Predisposition to various conditions to ensure early detection.
  • Identifying the genetic risk can help put early screening and adopt a preventive strategy by making the possible lifestyle changes to mitigate the risk.
  • Post-test genetic counselling: we offer and strongly recommend genetic counselling after you receive your report, to understand the clinical relevance and check for follow-ups with your physician (if necessary).
  • Our genetic counsellors correlate your health history and lifestyle with genetic findings and prepare a report that will help you improve heart health.

How do we analyse?

Polygenic Risk Score

This report is generated based on Polygenic Risk Score(PRS). A polygenic risk score (PRS) estimates an individual’s genetic risk(predisposition) for a trait or condition. PRS takes the sum(aggregate) of all known common variants to calculate an overall genetic risk for a particular condition.

How it Works?


Sample Collection

Collect your sample, & make sure the cap is securely fastened. Reach out to us, & we will have kit collected from you.


Lab Processing

Once your DNA process our QC, it is then subjected to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA is ready to be read!


Data Analysis

Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to intensive analysis.


Report Generation

Your report is generated

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