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A master health checkup is essentially recommended annually for every adult over 25 years of age. Having this test done periodically can help you live a significantly longer, healthier and happier life. Many of these diagnostic procedures are currently available at your doorsteps.

Complete Blood Picture


Lipid Profile




Covid-19 (IgG ) Antibodies


Always wear masks and maintain social distancing at the centre for safety

Avoid consumption of food / water / alcohol / drugs prior to sampling

Collect your reference ID(Barcode number) provided at the collection center & you can mention the same while enquiring for your results.

Kindly provide personal details in the Test request form (TRF) provided at the testing center

Results for your blood profile test will be shared on your email provided on TRF

For any further assistance - Contact customer support on whatsapp 8688310052 or call toll free: 18001024595

Tests Included In Our Master Health Checkup

Complete Blood Profile (CBP)

Complete Blood Profile is an analysis of components of a blood cell - investigating morphology, number and maturity in blood volume. Recent studies link lower counts of lymphocytes (lymph forming cell) and eosinophils (White Blood Cell) to prolonged COVID-19 infection.

Lipid Profile

Lipid aids in the production of hormones, Vitamin D, and substances that help digest foods. This test covers all 4 types of lipid found in your body (LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and cholesterol). Very low density lipoprotein is a type of bad cholesterol. The increased levels of Cholesterol is known to be linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Liver Function Test

Hepatic panels aka LFT provide information about the state of a patient's liver - screen for liver functions, check for levels of enzymes, progression of any diseases, severity of liver diseases, etc. It covers ALT/SGPT, AST/SGOT, Bilirubin and Alkaline Phosphatase. A normal healthy liver responds better to drugs used in treatment, as it helps in metabolising them.

Kidney Profile

It’s the most common test to check for any kidney malfunctions as it assesses how well your kidneys are purifying the blood by filtering out waste and excess fluid like Creatinine, Uric Acid, and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) produced and filtered when the body breaks down proteins. The diagnosis helps find any symptoms of kidney diseases, side effects of drugs that may include kidney damage, altered kidney function, etc.


HbA1c or glycated haemoglobin develops when the protein carrying oxygen ‘haemoglobin’ within red blood cells combines with glucose in the blood, becoming ‘glycated’. By measuring HbA1c, clinicians can get an overview of the average levels of blood sugar in your body over a span of weeks/months. Diabetic people with high HbA1c are more likely to develop diabetes-associated complications.


The test is done to screen and diagnose thyroid disorders. Generally advised if you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism (weight loss, nervousness, etc.) or hypothyroidism (weight gain, fatigue, and cold intolerance).

Immunoglobulin G (IgG)

An aid to identifying individuals' adaptive immune response to COVID-19 virus infections by ruling out the presence/absence of IgG antibodies, which are usually produced after 7-14 days of infections - indicating recent or prior infections.


Safety Protocols Followed

Safety Protocols Followed

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Quick TAT

Highly Skilled Scientific Team

Highly Skilled Scientific Team

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Accredited Laboratory

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