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An integrated test that includes genetic predisposition of cardiac conditions and cardiac biochemical screening can help identify a person's risk for heart disease. It can provide information about genetic factors that increase the risk and the current cardiac health, allowing for proactive measures and timely treatment. The test provides a comprehensive understanding of cardiac health and helps individuals make informed decisions about their wellbeing.

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Why Cardiac Screen?

Taking a combination of genetic predisposition and comprehensive biochemical tests can provide valuable insights into an individual's overall health and potential risk for certain conditions. While genetic tests can identify inherited traits and genetic mutations that may increase the likelihood of developing certain diseases, biochemical tests can provide information about an individual's current health status and any imbalances in their body's systems. By identifying potential health risks early on and making informed decisions about lifestyle choices and medical interventions, individuals can take proactive steps towards optimizing their health and reducing their risk for chronic diseases.

About CardioMap

CardioMap is a DNA based test which provides individuals their genetic predisposition to heart diseases and other associated conditions. It also covers individuals' body response to diabetes medications and heart related medications

About AIMAP Cardiac Profile

AIMAP Cardiac profile is ideal for people who want to keep track of their heart health. This checkup can benefit you through the early detection of serious health problems like coronary artery disease, heart attack risk etc.
It offers a variety of tests to evaluate heart health like monitoring blood sugar, complete blood count, lipid profile.

Conditions covered in Genomepatri™

Cardiovascular diseases






AIMAP Cardiac Profile Parameters

Complete Blood Profile

Lipid Profile

Kidney Function Test

Liver Function Test


Complete Urine Examination (CUE)


How do you benefit?

  • Comprehensive screening for prevention & early detection of cancers with a combined biochemical & genetic analysis.
  • Wide array of blood tumour markers screened.
  • DNA mapping across 100+ genes using gold standard technology.
  • Genetic counselling and action plan, personalised to YOU.

Test sample requirements

1µg - 2µg of DNA Sample

  • EDTA Blood (2-3ml)

Urine Sample

How it Works?


Sample Collection

Collect your sample, & make sure the cap is securely fastened. Reach out to us, & we will have kit collected from you.


Lab Processing

Once your DNA process our QC, it is then subjected to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA is ready to be read!


Data Analysis

Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to intensive analysis.


Report Generation

Your report is generated

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