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Genetic factors play an important role in immunity, including antiviral activity and recovery. Genomepatri Immunity is a DNA-based assessment of certain factors which affect your overall immunity and risk for infection.


Your Genes Regulate Your Immune Response

Genes modulate your immune response - which is your body’s mechanism to fight against viral invasion/infection. Having certain genetic variants could mean that you are more susceptible to severe infections caused by bacteria and viruses (eg., coronavirus).

Apart from factors such as existing health concerns and environmental risk, genetics affects your overall risk for infections such as COVID-19, caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus. Many genes have been studied for their role in SARS-CoV pathogenesis and for their association with increased risk for infection. Inter-individual variation in coronavirus susceptibility may be caused by polymorphisms in genes. Carriers of certain genetic variants are more likely to suffer from severe coronavirus infection.

Your Genes Affect COVID-19 Severity

The WHO, CDC and other agencies have reported greater fatality and worse outcomes in COVID-19 infection, if patients already have certain health risks. Genetic risk for these conditions or having a predisposition to ‘cytokine storm’ (a hyper responsive immune reaction) could affect severity of infections like COVID-19.

COVID-19 Severity
Antiviral Drugs

Your Genes Determine Your Response to Antiviral Drugs

Genetic screening will help physicians avoid adverse effects and optimise treatment for patients. Patients who carry certain genetic variations are at risk for severe drug-induced adverse effects. The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) recommends genetic testing prior to administering these drugs, to reduce adverse effects.

Your Genes Affect Your Body’s Nutrient Stores

Genes are involved in the bioactivation, conversion and utilization of vitamins and minerals in the body. Having genetic risk for reduced nutrient levels indicates a need for higher intake via diet/supplementation, for maintaining your immune system.

Nutrient Stores

What Genomepatri Immunity Report Covers


Health risks which compromise immunity


Nutritional needs for better immunity


Antiviral drug response & risk for adverse effects


Genetic susceptibility to severe infections like COVID-19


Apart from the age-related risk factors, COVID-19 severity could be very high in people with
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • History of smoking
  • Compromised immune systems (eg., autoimmune disease)
Genetic screening can help establish preventive strategies and better outcomes. Screening also empowers physicians and helps avoid adverse effects in patients, by knowing their genotype profile for antiviral drug response.
Anyone looking for better prevention and health, will benefit from this test. The results help identify potential risk which can be reduced with the right choices - diet/lifestyle/safe practices.
No, GenomepatriTM Immunity is not a diagnostic report. It is genomics-based risk assessment - genetic predisposition only.
This report cannot be used as confirmation of positive/negative results for COVID-19. Having a risk for any of the conditions in the report does not mean you will, or that you will not, be infected with COVID-19.
No, evaluating antibody levels needs to be done via immuno assay for clinical confirmation.
Please remember that the report is for ‘genetic’ risk only. Your overall infection risk depends on not just your genes, but also on your current status, medical history, precautions taken, etc. The report comes with an action plan for individuals at medium/high genetic risks. We recommend that you follow those guidelines.


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