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Genomepatri Lite
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A genomic health profile to know yourself better and to move to healthy habits.


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I loved the fact that I could choose the panels I wanted. I did add 1 additional after I got the report and my counseling session. The recommendations are very useful


Excellent experience. The entire process was smooth. The team gave me periodic updates. Loved the counseling and the follow up action report. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family

Alice N

Loved this product. I have done a similar test in the US and found this to be much more comprehensive. The counseling and secondary personalized report was amazing.


There is genetic heterogeneity with CMT; exome sequencing is appropriate. Once a mutation has been identified, the at-risk family members can be tested for the specific mutation.

Pooja Ramchandran (formerly Lodaya)
Principal Genetic Counselor


Way too much information and confusing details. I have been diagnosed as having CMT, and have been told there is several types of this genetic condition. I would like to know for sure that I have CMT or something else. Not sure which of your tests would give me this information and know what the risk this will be passed along to my Grandchildren.

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Genomepatri Lite is a DNA-based test that takes you a step closer to you. With a simple swab of saliva, you can gain better insights to the role of genes in defining you - right from your resilience gene to fitness and lifestyle habits, from eating pattern to skin pigmentation. In addition, you can learn about your genomic predisposition to ~50 physiological and lifestyle traits, health conditions and inherited conditions. Our health counselors correlate your health history with genomic findings and give you an action plan that works best for you.

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