Your genome knows much more about your medical history than you do

W. Daniel Hillis



The fields of medicine and genetics go hand in hand - one can even say looking at the recent surge in genetic testing, that they complement each other! While medical professionals bring age old experience and expertise - the extremely advanced gene testing techniques provide a key - a base for understanding and curing several unknown disorders. Prognostic and diagnostic testing are key to a superior and immaculately planned lifestyle. One where an individual has the scope of acquiring knowledge about gene mutations early in life - one where he can help his family physician assign correct dosage of medication for him. Utopia is not a dream - if we are able to find the divine equilibrium in this very world.

How can Genetic Testing help Doctors?

Doctors rely on clients coming in post symptoms for diagnosis. What if you could foresee risks for certain life disorders early enough to prevent them? In cases of Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Vitamin Deficiency - a bit of precaution, early medical consultation could save several years in an individual’s life. Having access to such information would allow physicians to take better care, alert their patients on time and ensure speedy recovery. Gene mutations are personally responsible for a large number of disorders as well : Thalassemia, Hereditary Cancers, Cystic Fibrosis, Metabolic Deficiencies, etc. Early discovery of these would profusely aid their management too! Factors such as stressed patients, limited time, financial constraints can also be approached a bit better! The efficacy, choice and dosage of medication can also hugely benefit from tests in the field of pharmacogenomics. The same medicine affects individuals in different ways - information on drug behaviour pre-administration would save time and effort. Knowledge on drug response (or lack thereof) would be a boon for these gifted professionals!

What does Mapmygenome offer?

Being a pioneer for preventive and prognostic testing; Mapmygenome has aligned its products as the first base for testing for clients worldwide. These products have been tested by renowned professionals, are accepted all health care providers and are in use worldwide. They are being used by health conscious individuals for now; but this balance needs to shift so that we reach every individual, every physician and prove useful to all!

The company covers 3 different segments:-

Prognostics: To provide health information and actionable steps to individuals through genetic analysis and counselling, even before any of the health traits or conditions are manifested.
Diagnostics: Provide molecular diagnostic tests customized for Indian population in diseases such as Infectious diseases (TB, Malaria, Dengue), cancers and lifestyle diseases.
Big Data: Provides Genomega DB (Indian Genome Databases) through R&D partnerships with pharma companies for Indian population.

Our Products and Services

Help your Doctor help you! Your doctor will have more insight into your health than ever! A comprehensive profile of your health which includes information like what common drugs you are resistant to, what conditions you have a genetically high predisposition for should certainly help personalize your treatment plan.

Genetic Counseling

Each test includes one session with our board certified genetic counselors. Our senior genetic counselors specialize in pre-natal, cancer genetics, prognostics and hereditary syndromes etc. They walk you through the report helping you understand it better as well as formulate the most appropriate recommendations which would help you delay or avoid the onset of the conditions that you have a high risk for.

Detailed reports

"Primary Genetic Risks Report": This highlights which all genetic markers were tested for each condition to calculate your risk score and how you stack up against the population average. "Post Genetic Counseling Recommendations Report": This generated by taking into account your family history and lifestyle habits, post counseling. This report provides only the recommendations, actionable steps and screening tests related to each of your high risk conditions. Together the two reports provide comprehensive information about the risk you possess for each condition and what you should do about it.

Why Mapmygenome?

Once in a lifetime test
Fast reporting
Genomic counseling report
Non-invasive sampling
Latest sequencing platforms
18+ years of experience