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Genomepatri FAQs

If you have any questions, read the FAQs or get in touch with us.

Our genetic counselors can tell you how our tests can improve your health and lifestyle.

Genomepatri is our personalized wellness product that helps you map action plans for a better, healthier life. The product includes a detailed wellness report with risk assessment of ~100 different health parameters, based on your genes or DNA sequence (kinda like your source code!).
No, the assessment is predictive in nature. The final recommendations report is a cumulative analysis of genetic risk coupled with family/personal health history.
Our youngest client is a six month old baby, while our oldest client is 97 years old :-) Anyone can take the product, and all we need is a buccal swab sample, collected after 30 minutes of fasting (no food/water).
Genomepatri includes genetic profiling for ~100 different health conditions, such as
  • Lifestyle diseases commonly occurring in the population (eg., diabetes, gut disorders, neurological conditions, cancers, autoimmune disease, etc)
  • Traits - metabolic aspects (lipid parameters, obesity, etc), nutrition/vitamin profile, addiction habits, etc
  • Drug response - Painkillers, blood thinners, antiplatelet agents, anticancer drugs, etc
  • Carrier status for inherited conditions (glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency and phenylketonuria)
Your individual risk score for a particular health condition (which is based on your genetic code and presence of SNP variants) is mapped against the population average of that condition, to estimate your relative risk. This is an indicator of your predisposition to develop that condition.

In the beginning of the report, a snapshot of your genetic profile is available, with the lifetime risk (relative risk) for each health condition printed in a tabular format.
No worries, genetic counselling is the answer! At zero additional cost, you will have access to a one-to-one consultation with a certified expert who will help you understand the test results and genetic findings, if any. What’s more, you get personalised recommendations to help formulate the best-suited action plan - for a fitter, healthier you.
Reports are usually delivered to your email inbox (soft copy). A printed copy of your report can be shipped to your address, on request. However, this entails additional charges.
The test results are meant to serve as inputs for personalizing your health plan. For example, if you have a high genetic risk for heart disease and have a family history of the same, our counsellor will recommend certain screening tests to be done regularly, which need a physician’s intervention.

Some of the test findings such as drug response profile (pharmacogenomics) have actionable inputs for the physician.
While fitness and nutrition advice is included in the personalised recommendations report (delivered post-genetic counselling), it is not a substitute for diet charts or exercise regimes. Nutrition counselling, with monthly diet plans based on your genetics, is available as an add-on service. You can register for this option either at the time of product purchase or later. We’ve also tied up with an international manufacturer for providing DNA-based custom vitamin supplements! You can request for the custom formula here and purchase the supplements once your genetic data has been generated.
No, it’s not. Whole genome sequencing or WGS is a method wherein your entire genome, i.e., ALL of 3.2 billion bp of DNA is sequenced.

Genomepatri is based on analysis of ~750000 regions spread across the genome. In simpler terms, Genomepatri looks at only certain locations in your genome, which are known to be associated with health conditions.
Genetic predisposition to certain food intolerances such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, and conditions like peanut allergy and fat metabolism are covered in Genomepatri. However, biochemical/antibody testing is recommended for clinical confirmation of food allergies.
The Genomepatri report is based on your DNA/genetic sequence and the results tell you if you are susceptible to a particular health condition. However, this does not indicate the time or age of onset of that condition.
No, it does not. Factors like current lifestyle, age, etc are not considered during relative risk estimation. Hence, Genomepatri is once-in-a-lifetime test. However, relative risk and thereby, risk thresholds (Baseline vs Medium vs High) can vary if new scientific findings come to light. This includes circumstances when there is significant change in the subset of gene markers being analyzed (addition or removal of SNPs) for a particular health condition.

Once you register with Mapmygenome, you hold a lifelong relationship with us! Write to us and our team will resend you the report, with updates, if any.
From a data quality perspective, the genetic information that is generated from your sample is 99.1-99.8% accurate. Genomepatri predictions are based on the presence/absence of DNA variations (SNPs) in your sample. Certain DNA variations increase the risk of, or susceptibility to, a particular disease (like diabetes). These are genetic markers obtained from genome-wide studies and other molecular studies which have established the clinical and statistical relevance of these markers. The most well-validated markers are selected for inclusion in risk assessment and therefore, accurate predictions are made.
From the time of sample receipt at the Mapmygenome laboratory, it takes 6-8 weeks for the genetic report to be ready. This is because there are multiple steps (and quality checks) in place, from DNA extraction to data analysis and final review.