Genomepatri™ Onco, (earlier known as Oncomap) offered by Mapmygenome, is a DNA-based test that predicts the genomic risk of developing cancer.

Combined with genomic counseling, it is a powerful aid in preventing, early detecting, and managing cancer.

We assess your genomic predisposition to many types of cancers and risk factors. A state-of-the-art lab, a secure LIMS, and a powerful proprietary algorithm using validated markers add to the accuracy of the report.

Along with the test, we offer genomic counseling for understanding the report better and planning the next step of action.

Talk to our genomic counselors to plan for a healthier lifestyle to mitigate the risk of disease.

Alternatively, consult your doctor for early detection and best-fit treatment options.

Oncomap™ offers:
Genomic predisposition to 17+ cancers
Lifestyle risk factors - alcoholism, nicotine dependence, etc.
Drug response prediction based on 
Genomic counseling