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Get your personal nutrition guide for optimised meal planning MyNutriGene is a genomic assessment of your nutritional profile, based on DNA analysis and interpretation. Learn about your metabolism, fat/carbohydrate response, vitamin profile, food intolerances, eating behaviour and more.


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Why Mynutrigene?

It is evident that certain portions of the population respond positively to specific diets, while some will be unresponsive, and others will have adverse effects. These different responses to similar foods are because every human is different and unique. Our DNA is one of the most important components that makes us unique and different.

Response to same diet by two different persons can be

Person A

  • Weight Loss
  • No side effects
  • Sufficient nutrient as per body requirements

Person B

  • Weight gain
  • Adverse effects like hair loss, fatigue, etc.
  • Insufficient nutrient as per body requirements

Your genes dictate how your body responds to food, breaks down fat, assimilates nutrients, signals you to eat, etc. In parallel, what you eat affects the activity of certain genetic elements and their impact on your health. Nutrigenomics is the branch of science that studies this complex relationship between your genetics and your diet. Understanding how these two factors interact with each other is key to discovering DNA-based nutrition solutions for optimal health.


Mynutrigene is a comprehensive genomic assessment of nutritional profile based on DNA analysis and interpretation. From vitamin levels to snacking habits Mynutrigene offers a wide scope of testing by screening over 700000 genetic markers across the human genome. This test can help to optimise meal planning by providing information about dietary sensitivities, nutrient requirement and diet pattern and food recommendations based on the daily nutrient intake..

You will get to know about

Nutrient Requirements

Dietary Sensitivities

Diet Pattern

Benefits of MyNutriGene

Complete diet analysis

How much Omega-3 do you need? Are you eating enough greens? Get a breakdown of what your body needs, by knowing your genetic predisposition to micronutrient levels in your body

Track your fitness

Thinking of going the keto way? Do you struggle to lose the last few kilos? Keep tabs on genetic tendencies to store fat, lose/gain weight and more. Monitor factors which cumulatively affect your fitness levels

Prevent Disease

Worried about gluten intolerance? Family history of diabetes? Don't wait for symptoms, avoid them instead. Prevent vitamin deficiency, detect underlying risk for food sensitivities, boost immunity and prevent disease

Genome wide analysis

We analyze several regions in your genome which interact with dietary elements and vice versa. We look at your genes which are responsible for nutrient absorption, converting carbohydrates to fat, weight management and more.

Eating Right With Mynutrigene

Diet tips, lifestyle fads and health tips are mushrooming aplenty, and constantly evolving, too. What’s healthy this week could turn into a superfood the next! Amidst all the newfound information that’s entering our lives every single day, remains one source of knowledge, one that’s unchanging and is a part of our very being.DNA is the source code to everything in your body, be it vitamin levels, metabolism, detox mechanisms or even snacking patterns! Look into your DNA, for finding the perfect diet, one that works for you. Eat Wise. DNA Wise.

How do we analyse?

Polygenic Risk Score

This report is generated based on Polygenic Risk Score(PRS). A polygenic risk score (PRS) estimates an individual’s genetic risk(predisposition) for a trait or condition. PRS takes the sum(aggregate) of all known common variants to calculate an overall genetic risk for a particular condition.

How it Works?


Sample Collection

Collect your sample, & make sure the cap is securely fastened. Reach out to us, & we will have kit collected from you.


Lab Processing

Once your DNA process our QC, it is then subjected to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA is ready to be read!


Data Analysis

Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to intensive analysis.


Report Generation

Your report is generated

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