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Genomepatri Lite

Genomepatri Lite by Mapmygenome
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A genomic health profile to know yourself better and to move to healthy habits.


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Vidhi K

I sincerely enjoyed the counselling, the staff is well educated and experienced
to actively listen and suggest feed-backs as per individuals case.


Whew... what a self discovery. I truly enjoyed the experience. Please do keep me updated with your blog articles which are very useful. Some of the things in the genomepatri lite report were kind of expected but some were new and the counselor did a great job explaining them to me.
I think you guys shouldnt call this a lite product... it is a custom genomepatri as I chose what I wanted


"Knowing what I am capable of and building on it is truly helpful.

Dr. CJ Meadows

"You guys are great! Now some of what I've been experiencing with my exercise routines makes a lot more sense, and I know what to do about it.

'Might be useful to tell the female clients to remove lipstick, rinse mouth, & wait 1/2 hour before taking sample. I got lipstick on my first sample & did it again (thank u for the extra swab). "


Genomepatri Lite has the most important panels that I was looking for changing my lifestyle. The process did not take long. Mine was completed in 2 weeks. I read other reviews that said it took them 4-6 weeks.
The counseling session and post counseling report were really good and I have shown them to my doctor, who appreciated the detailed analysis


I heard so much about Genomepatri but was wondering if I wanted to know everything. The team at Mapmygenome offered a great option with Genomepatri Lite. I chose the panels I wanted.
Now I want to get some additional panels...


I loved this product as it allowed me to choose additional conditions i wanted

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Genomepatri Lite is a DNA-based test that takes you a step closer to you. With a simple swab of saliva, you can gain better insights to the role of genes in defining you - right from your resilience gene to fitness and lifestyle habits, from eating pattern to skin pigmentation. In addition, you can learn about your genomic predisposition to ~50 physiological and lifestyle traits, health conditions and inherited conditions. Our health counselors correlate your health history with genomic findings and give you an action plan that works best for you.

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