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Genetic Counseling

Counseling by expert genetic counselors for individuals and families to understand genetic risks and possible inherited conditions.

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Ajay Muttreja

Ms. Pooja Ramchandran spoke to me and my appointment went off very well.
Besides being a knowledgeable Genetic Counsellor, she is very good listener. She answered all my questions to my full satisfaction.

Pooja palakurthy

Thanks alot to Geetika and Dr.Pavani....The conversation with Dr.Pavani motivated us to think in a positive way and lot.I think I met 2 good persons in my life.Geetika thanks a lot so much of patience and Dr.Pavani a great counsellor.....This meet with u People means a lot to us.Thank you so much.

Radha Abrol

Excellent counselling by Dr. Risha. We found it extremely valuable.

Manisha Mishra

The overall experience was really good. The counseling session was quite elaborate and the doctor was patient enough to answer all my queries. The detailed report provided after the session is also very helpful. I would definitely like to recommend this to my family and friends.

Preeti vyas

It was a really wonderful experience. The genetic counselor was just amazing in simplifying all the medical terms and making them relevant to us. She was patient, knowledgeable and very warm. Thank you for this.

Saida Aboud Mubarak

"This was my first time considering any genetic testing, and the decision making was pretty easy as I got support from the Kenyan office and pretest couselling from India- very valuable.
The anxiety was made less with the regular updates on the progress through email.
The best experience was the genetic counselling, Poojah was very professional, patient and accommodating to the unfortunate power disconnection on my side. She handled me in such a way that all my nerves were calmed and I was receptive of the report.
This will definitely help me make wiser and healthier decisions for me and my family and will recommend everyone to go for their genetic testing.
Thank you for the beautiful experience."

Dhiraj sareen

I think the overall experience was great. The post test counselling was extremely helpful and very professionally conducted. This test helped me identify core areas where I needed to change my lifestyle and or eating habits as well as confirm some of my own concerns based on personal observations. Strongly recommend this test to one and all.


Overall a great product , fantastic processes and impressive genetic counselling

Dheeraj Akula

"My experience with Mapmygenome was excellent from the start, I was able to communicate with the sales person in Hyderabad to schedule an appointment to go to the location and give the sample and then the frequent updates via email and then the counselling with Dr. Pooja Ramchandran via phone was phenomenal.

thank you"

Kavita Todi

The Counselling session should be more informative and educative.

Neha Devaraj

I used to think I am endurance type but now I know I can excel in the middle distance.

Vyoma Sharma

The counselling session was extremely helpful and thorough. Very reasonable precautions and life style changes were suggested. Overall a great experience!


"Genetic counselors are fabulous and also lab team


"Dharti has a unique way of counselling... She's quite eager to listen than talk it up the whole session. She maintains a unique balance between being professional and being smile-worthy. She's liked by all in our family. My niece liked her much. She spaces out her observations throughout her session quite well and which gives the customers time to gulp it down or assimilate. It seems that she has to make no effort to gel, and it comes absolutely natural to her.

Nikita, the salesperson was quite helpful, and prompt in her responses. I appreciate her TAT, and professionalism too. However, there were no follow ups or status update during the 'Test' phase, and at times it was quite aggravating "

Surinderjit Singh Sindhu

I was very excited to know about my genetic makeup and what precautions I need to take for a Happy and healthy future. The chat and advice from the doctor after the genome test made Happy and confident of my future.

Vidhi kapur

Genetic Counselor was a great consultant. Counseling was very good with explaining me the whole report answering all questions in depth, had a great experience!

Shiven Kenia

"I sincerely enjoyed the counseling, the staff is well educated and experienced
to actively listen and suggest feedbacks as per individual's case."

Natasha Jog

"The genetic testing and counseling were very useful and helped me understand my risks for certain health conditions. But where it was of greatest value, was in showing me that despite a family history of serious illnesses, my own risks were nominal. So it helped calm me about my disease risk while identifying areas I need to watch and take action on. Thank you, mapmygenome and the super team.

Rajvi Mriwala

"Counselling was excellent! Very glad I did this. Your counselor was very skilled.
Enjoyed talking to them- friendly, expert and calming - just the right tone!"

Sonam saraf

Was very happy to receive the genetic counseling. Genetic counselor explained the report in detail and we were overall very satisfied with them.

Julakanti ramakumari

Genetic Counseling made the environment quite @ ease, very knowledgeable and understanding person. Smart ways of dealing with patients. Patience @ very high level. Covered each n every aspect. Hope mapmygenome reaches great heights in future.


Best advice I have got. I have met several doctors and counselors and my intereaction with mapmygenome's counseling team has been excellent. Highly recommend it

Vijaya K

excellent counseling. I showed it to my gyanecologist and she wants to work with mapmygenome

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Counseling by expert genetic counselors for individuals and families to understand genetic risks and possible inherited conditions.

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