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LiverGenome is a genetic screening panel which assesses individual risk for liver disease and associated risk factors. The test analyzes DNA for sequence variations which are linked to the following:

• Liver disease - Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), cirrhosis and cancer

• Metabolic wellness - Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, hypothyroidism

• Lipid profile, vitamins and detoxification



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  • Easy-to-do sampling: Non-invasive (saliva/swab)

  • Accuracy: Targeted testing via validated markers which determine genetic predisposition to specific conditions.

  • Design and utility: Traits relevant to hepatic function (such as alcohol abuse, detox function and lipid profile) are also tested in LiverGenome, for a comprehensive report.

  • Value-adds: Personalized recommendations from our certified experts available, with one-to-one counseling.

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