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Get your personal nutrition guide for optimised meal planning MyNutriGene is a genomic assessment of your nutritional profile, based on DNA analysis and interpretation. Learn about your metabolism, fat/carbohydrate response, vitamin profile, food intolerances, eating behaviour and more.

Choose a diet made from YOU, for YOU. Get personalised nutrition advice, based on your genetics. Unravel your DNA code to identify areas of concern or potential risk that you can mitigate - starting from your plate! Customised diet recommendations from our certified counsellors help you formulate the best-suited diet plan - so that you stay healthier, for longer.

  • Sample type: Buccal swab in Mapmygenome kit
  • TAT: 6-8 weeks
  • Includes one-to-one genetic counselling
  • Personalized recommendations

Eat wise. Eat DNA-wise!

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Compare Alcoholism, Blood sugar, Bone healthV, Caffeine consumption, Cognitive, neuro, and psychological health, Diet pattern, Gastroenterological Health, Heart health, Weight management
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