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Raw data to report, with genetic counseling and a personalized action plan

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Available on 23andMe, Xcode and Ancestry data formats.

Our scientists process your genetic data and generate Genomepatri / MyFitGene / Medicamap reports, using our proprietary algorithm (SNaPpy) and database. Files in 23andMe (and similar formats) are compatible with our analysis. Purchase the test that you want and upload the data file for our team to get started!
Genomepatri - The beginning to your personalized health plan. Comprehensive DNA-based assessment for ~100 health conditions.
MyFitGene - Fitness 101 to unlock your inner athlete. Revolutionary DNA-based assessment for sports, nutrition and wellness.
Medicamap - DNA-based drug-response profile for personalized medicine

This includes:

- Primary Genotype Report (Genomepatri / Medicamap / MyFitGene)
- Personalised Genetic Counseling session (~45 mins)
- Recommendations report (An Action Plan for better health - personalised to your genetics)

*Number of conditions reported and TAT are subject to the availability of genetic markers in your data.

Data types supported for Genomepatri/MyFitGene/Medicamap/SmartSport analysis:

  • 23andMe raw data file (.txt or excel)

  • AncestryDNA raw data file (.txt or excel)

  • Whole Genome sequencing data - gVCF or fastQ

  • Note: Exome data cannot be used for Genomepatri/MyFitGene/Medicamap/SmartSport reports

    Create your account in the Mapmygenome web portal ( OR ) login to your existing account to upload your genetic data - and you're set!


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    Get "your" Genomepatri report from raw genomic data (23andme or other services). Talk to our health coaches who will help interpret the results, get action plans - so you can begin health regimes best suited to YOU!

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