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Smart Sport
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Work out and get fit - the SMART way! Mapmygenome's SmartSport gives you a much-needed glimpse into your fitness levels, by reading your DNA code.



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We did this for a number of students and it was the most helpful exercise, especially the counseling

M Kalyan Ram

The overall experience has been highly satisfactory. I have made a purchase of sportgene or some product that recommends and lets one know what sport is he or she fit for based on the genes and it was good.

Vijay L

This was the most interesting tests I have done. I want to do the whole genomepatri now


yessssss i have the sprint gene

Vijay Kumar Devaraj

It's a scientific way of knowing the body type to choose the suitable sporting event for better progress and being injury free.

RVVSR Lakshmi

Very useful product to find suitable sport to improve and excel. Great service


I did this as a fun exercise when I came to know about this. I was actually quite surprised when I got my results and did counseling as it explained why I liked running long distance and not sprint.
Will recommend to others.

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Looking to optimize those gym/practice sessions? Genetics can significantly affect your athletic prowess. Find out your true strengths (power or endurance) with a genetic assessment of muscle makeup i.e., fast-twitch/slow-twitch fibres. Our service includes personalised recommendations from our counselors.

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