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Sugar Gene by Mapmygenome
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Sugar Gene™ is a genomic test that gives the genomic predisposition to type 2 diabetes, associated risk factors and diet patterns that suit YOU. Modify your lifestyle today, with the help of genomic counseling following this test, and mitigate your risks! Lead a happier, healthier life.



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Thanks for a great experience using Sugargene.Truly enjoyed the counseling and the report.

I do want to do a complete genomepatri now for me and my friends. Do you have any group discounts.

Bharti M

I ordered my sugargene during the new year sale online and thought of gifting this to my son. But when the beautiful package arrived, I wanted to do it myself. The swab was really easy to do.....
In a few weeks I got my results and a counseling was scheduled. Within 24 hours of that, I got my recommendations report which was really so good.


I got this as a package deal with my stem cell company and I truly liked the experience. Thanks to the counselor and recommendations, I have made changes to my lifestyle. The rest of my family and friends want to do this now


I have a family history of diabetes like most indian families. I have 2 more siblings and one who is around 42 years of age already got diabetes. I wanted to check if I was predisposed and what steps I needed to take.
this was excellent as it showed that I was at risk but there were many things I could do.
It has been 2 years since I did the test and I am glad to report that my blood sugar is in control. In reality I am now so much more healthier that I am enjoying life much more.


I heard of this product through Apollo Clinics and got the test done. It has been very helpful for me.The counseling was excellent and I like the summary. Thanks v much MMG team

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