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  • Genomepatri

    The ultimate DNA based preventive health assessment product, Genomepatri is a once-in-a-lifetime, painless, simple saliva based test that scans your DNA for variations which give you insights into how you're built, right down to the molecular level. Get an assessment of your traits, drug response profile, nutritional needs, predisposition to over 100 conditions, and coupled with a personalised genetic counseling session, embark upon a journey towards a healthier life - with YOU in the driver's seat! Please click here for more information about Genomepatri  Please email us for a brochure.

  • Genomepatri Onco

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Know your genomic risk for over 15 different types of cancer. Our genomic experts will help you understand the test results so you can learn about early detection and risk reduction of cancer.

  • Genomepatri Gynaec

    Ladies, it's time to take control - of your health! Get predictive assessment for conditions and lifestyle tendencies that impact reproductive health and overall wellness. Includes genetic counseling and personalised recommendations.

  • Genomepatri Brain

    Stressed about stress? Get our revolutionary test which reads your risk for neurological conditions and psychological traits - Learn to manage anxiety, improve learning skills and keep your brain active, with expert guidance from our counselors - the best part is, it's all customised to you (i.e., your DNA)!

  • Genomepatri Fit

    The DNA-based Fitness test of the elite! Taken up by the leading sportspersons of India, Genomepatri™ Fit is a genetics-based nutrition and fitness planner like never before! By assessing the variations in your DNA through a simple, non invasive saliva swab, this test gives you information essential to personalise your diet, workout and clinical testing to unlock your full genetic potential in the realm of sports, fitness and wellness! Join the elite group of athletes by tailoring your efforts to your genetic potential!


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  • Genomepatri Cardio

    Genomepatri™ Cardio (earlier known as Cardiomap) is a genetics-based cardiac health profile offered by Mapmygenome.

  • LiverGenome

    LiverGenome is a genetic screening panel which assesses individual risk for liver disease and associated risk factors. The test analyzes DNA for sequence variations which are linked to the following:

    • Liver disease - Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), cirrhosis and cancer
    • Metabolic wellness - Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, hypothyroidism
    • Lipid profile, vitamins and detoxification

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  • Medicamap

    One drug does not suit all. Before you pop that pill, stop and ask yourself - Will this work for ME? Enter MedicaMap - the most comprehensive pharmacogenomic test, that analyses your DNA to assess your drug response profile. One test, one time, and get information about your response to ~100 FDA approved drugs ranging from painkillers and antidepressants to anti-cancer drugs!

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  • Genomepatri with Nutrition plan

    Genomepatri just got more PERSONAL! Get DNA-based meal plans to address your dietary needs, enhance fitness and boost your health!

  • Genomepatri Fit with Nutrition plan

    Genomepatri Fit with Nutrition plan

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