Technical Faq's

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Our genetic counselors can tell you how our tests can improve your health and lifestyle.

Our algorithm has been designed to analyze genetic variants which have a strong correlation with the Indian population. Most studies were initially conducted in Caucasians- however, follow-up studies published in literature have validated their association with Indians. Examples include type 2 diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, etc. Additionally, Mapmygenome owns a genetic database from over 20000 Indian samples and regularly validates genotype-phenotype correlations.
Genomepatri, MyFitGene, MedicaMap and MyNutriGene are performed on microarrays. Smaller tests such as SmartSport are run on real-time PCR assays.
The accuracy of genotype data obtained from buccal swabs is on par with that of blood samples. Mapmygenome has standardized effective protocols for DNA processing from buccal swabs as well as blood. There are several quality standards in place, for ensuring maximum sample quality and data accuracy. Right from initial plausibility checks to final data review, trained staff adhere to validated procedures in our NABL-certified laboratory.
Personam genomics tests like Genomepatri or MyFitGene help you understand multiple aspects that affect health outcome. For example, a diabetic individual could be looking for adapting an effective strategy for managing symptoms and living a healthier life. Knowing their genetic predispositions can help decide the best way to get the right nutrition, improve clinical parameters such as physical fitness or metabolic status, and avoid habits/tendencies which are less genetically favourable . The reports also help keep the individual keep tabs on associated risk factors and complications of various lifestyle conditions, for optimal management.

However, if the identification of the genetic cause of existing disease is the requirement, Mapmygenome offers diagnostic gene testing methods. For such cases, we recommend a pre-test counseling session, to identify the right testing strategy. Our counselors analyze clinical history, family history, etc to recommend specific gene tests (for said disease), followed by screening of unaffected family members. The counsellor's decision is based on the scope of the personal genomics products vs clinical indications.