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Mapmygenome™ - ​Wellness is in our DNA​

​Understand yourself and implement an actionable plan for a
changed lifestyle based on your DNA

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A Genetic profile from ​Mapmygenome™ ​ ​can become your blueprint to a changed lifestyle​



Genomepatri™ -
The new scientific way to map your health
risks ​using DNA technology

Genetic counseling helps individuals take
actionable steps towards a healthier 'you'​

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Who We Are?

Mapmygenome™ is a molecular diagnostics company for people who are proactive about their health. Our products provide insights into the genetic basis about ourselves that include traits, drug responses, inherited conditions and diseases. By combining genetic report and health history with genetic counseling Mapmygenome™ provides actionable steps for individuals and their physicians towards a healthier life.


  • „I am from the Wellness Industry and when Mapmygenome launched Genomepatri, I thought it would be interesting to try out and see how it could add value. I found the experience enjoyable including the spitting part. The…“
    Sheetal Bangur Founder - Soul Beauty & Wellness Centre LLP, Hyderabad
  • „I tried the Genomepatri test as I was curious about the technology. I was impressed with the quality of report which was very detailed and accurate. The fact that Mapmygenome is integrating it with genetic counseling and…“
    Pravin Gandhi Founding Partner, Seedfund, Mumbai, India
  • „Have gained huge insights on how to ward off any real health risks and also stop worrying about imaginary ones. Anyone who really wishes to take control of ones own health though superior knowledge and greater understanding…“
    Richard Saldanha Executive Director, Private Equity, Blackstone
  • „Thank you Anu for the GenomePatri. The service was brilliant, handling was professional and the insights very helpful. The depth and detail of the report really struck me. I would highly recommend this test to everyone. After…“
    Sandeep Naik Managing Director General Atlantic
  • „Dear Anu, Thank you for my GenomePatri. While the report had reassured me about what I already knew about my health it also highlighted certain blind spots which otherwise I would have not known. I am glad…“
    Sri Myneni CEO, Knoah Solutions
  • „Thanks a ton Anu for my Genomepatri! I feel healthier and empowered with this report in hand. Deep insights including reaffirmation of traits and a surprise or two as well.“
    Subhashini Chandran Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Kodaikanal, India
  • „Dear Anu, thank YOU! I found the report hugely impressive, remarkably accurate about my overall health and very professionally and helpfully done. I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone interested.“
    Shashi Tharoor Previously Minister of State Forigen Affairs and HRD
  • „I found the Genomepatri test to be very useful and recommend that everyone does it. It is Better to be prepared than be sorry in the future.“
    Pinky Reddy Social Activist
  • „Mapmygenome was quick and easy and allowed me to take a deeper look at the mystery of my genes. We are each unique and made up of a genetic code which can offer us insights into how…“
    Jamie Nack CEO Three Squares Inc., Los Angeles, USA
  • „I am very impressed by the depth of the report and also the balanced way it has been presented.“
    Jayesh Ranjan MD APIIC

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How We Do It

We harness the power of your own DNA to help you understand better about yourself and improve your health and wellness and lets you manage your lifestyle like never before.

Sample Collection and your DNA
We collect your saliva sample/blood sample and extract your DNA from it.
Data and Analytics
Generate large volumes of genetic data from your saliva. Use our SNaPpyTM technology to analyze and find out interesting things about you.
Making Sense
We make a comprehensive and easy to understand report of your genetic predispositions.
Genetic Counseling
Counseling sessions with our Genetic counselors help you can make the most out of your report findings and health history.
Feedback and Next Steps
We give you actionable steps for a healthier life. And we keep in touch too !!
Top Notch Support
We constantly update your report when we make new discoveries or update our markers list.

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