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Genomepatri™ assesses your inherited and acquired genetic health risks for 100+ conditions. The results provide valuable insight into YOUR genetic predisposition to several health conditions, traits, lifestyle tendencies, drug efficacy, and more, helping you pre-empt a majority of diseases. In combination with genetic counseling, this will become YOUR master plan to better health, lifelong.

Genomepatri provides valuable insight

Why is Genetic Testing Important ?

Find Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Diseases with Genetic Testing
  • A large number of conditions such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Diseases can be prevented by lifestyle interventions.
Drug efficacy by Genetic Testing
  • More options than traditional medicine! Early detection could help open different treatment avenues, diet and exercise routines, learn more about drug efficacy.
Mapmygenome provides highly cost effective Genetic Testing
  • It provides more information to your health care providers, is highly cost effective and saves large amounts on health insurance.
Move ahead with Genetic Testing
  • Moving ahead of your times, and understanding the growing demand of technology you need to be better equipped for the future.
Get tested early with Genomepatri Genetic Testing
  • Getting tested early is key to better health management. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Why do you need Genomepatri?

  • Actionable step to better health provided by genetic counsellors, who study your genes and health history.
  • Your resilience gene can help you fight depression, many addictions, and mental health issues.
  • Know yourself better – gain insights to physiological and lifestyle traits and patterns that define you.
  • Prevent or delay the onset of disease
  • Early detection can save precious time and costs involved in treatment
  • Understand genetic health patterns in your family to ensure good health for your loved ones
  • Find your body’s response to many life-saving medications – efficacy, metabolism, adverse reactions.
  • Beat health – related stress
  • Move to a healthier diet
  • Lose weight, achieve fitness goals, plan your exercise schedule, choose the best-fit sports activity, or improve sports performance with your sports genetics

How does it work?

Step 1
Sample Collection
Genomepatri Sample Collection

Submit your sample making sure Your DNA is in a safe environment. Have the tube/kit shipped to us

Step 2
DNA Extraction and Quality Check
DNA Extraction and Quality Check by Mapmygenome

Your DNA has been extracted and passed internal quality control!

Step 3
Wet Lab Processing
Wet Lab Processing by Mapmygenome

Your DNA is extracted from your sample, and subject it to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA..

Step 4
Data Analysis
Data Analysis by Mapmygenome

Your genetic sequence is then subject to extensive analysis.

Step 5
Report generation and review
Report generation and review by Mapmygenome

Your Genomepatri report is generated, post which a counselling appointment will be fixed

Step 6
Genetic counseling
Genetic counseling by Mapmygenome

Our genetic counselor will be available to discuss your results at a time and day convenient for you.

Step 7
Post Counseling Feedback Report
Post Counseling Feedback Report by Mapmygenome

A report will be shared post the session that will include personalized recommendations based on your Genomepatri, family and clinical history that should help better manage your health in the future.

What are the conditions covered in Genomepatri?

Cardio conditions covered in Genomepatri
Diabetes conditions covered in Genomepatri Bones and joints conditions covered in Genomepatri
women conditions covered in Genomepatri inherited conditions covered in Genomepatri
Life-style conditions covered in Genomepatri
men conditions covered in Genomepatri eyes conditions covered in Genomepatri
skin and hair conditions covered in Genomepatri
Kidney conditions covered in Genomepatri Gastro conditions covered in Genomepatri
Immunity conditions covered in Genomepatri
Cancer conditions covered in Genomepatri
Lungs conditions covered in Genomepatri brain
Drug response conditions covered in Genomepatri

Why Mapmygenome?

Once in a lifetime test

Once in a lifetime genetic test

Non invasive

Non invasive genetic test

Over 16 years of experience in Genomics

Over 16 years of experience in Genomics

Latest sequencing platforms

Genomepatri Latest sequencing platforms

Personalized Genetic Counseling

Mapmygenome Personalized Genetic Counseling


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