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Genomepatri™ is a composite report of your genetic makeup from Mapmygenome™. Please email us for a brochure



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Rimpal Chawla

Very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the report. I used to get my annual health check-up done and knowing what I now know, thanks to "Genomepatri", my physician and I have a better handle on the meaning of my health statistics and predispositions. It was amazingly simple to administer. I was apprised of the progress regularly. The report is comprehensive and easy to read. The counsellor is very knowledgable and explained the report with great care and patience. Must for everyone who cares for their health. Highly recommended!

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Genomepatri™ heralds the new paradigm of health management, harnessing personal genomics for better health.
Going beyond systems, organs and cells, this innovative test studies the DNA - the core that defines a person.

Genomepatri™ is a revolutionary test that gives a new dimension to prevention and cure.

We help you understand what your genetic variations mean and how it may affect you. Your genes, along with your psyche and lifestyle, play a critical role in your overall health. With Genomepatri™, you can learn about inherited and acquired genetic health risks.

The process is as simple as it can get. The results give you an insight into weaknesses in you immunity, genetic predisposition to certain health conditions and drug efficiency and sensitivities, providing you a map of your present as well as future health.

Our in-house genetic counselors also help you understand your report better. Our expert panel of doctors will help your understand specific conditions better and possibly test for them early to take control of your health.

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