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SlimGene is a genetic test that can help you in weight management and weight loss. In addition to the regular SlimGene test, you get genetics related to diet and fitness. Our counsellors provide Genetic Counselling and Diet & Fitness Counselling along with actionable steps to achieve your fitness goals.



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SlimGene is a simple, smart, and noninvasive solution that can take you many steps closer to achieving your ideal weight. The test analyzes your genetic predisposition to appetite, eating habits, fat storage, fat absorption, metabolism, and obesity.

SlimGene also analyzes genes related to diet and fitness genetics. With this test, you can find out what works best for you and build your strengths accordingly. In addition, you get Genetic Counseling and Nutrition & Fitness counselling along with actionable steps to achieve your fitness goals.

SlimGene can help you:

  • Achieve weight loss and fitness goals

  • Prevent obesity

  • Control BMI

  • Choose the right diet

  • Choose the best fitness activity

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