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Genetic Counseling

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    Genetic Counseling sessions are virtual 45 min - 1 hr sessions with certified genetic counselors.

    What is Genetic Counseling

    Genetic counseling is a specialized branch of medicine aimed at helping individuals, couples and families understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, familial and reproductive implications of the genetic contribution to specific health conditions.

    Genetic Counselors help individuals address the scientific and emotional issues that arise in such situations and actively help them make informed decisions based on their own values and individual circumstances.

    Ideal for people who

    1. Have a suspicion of a genetic disorder in a newborn
    2. Have a family history of cancers
    3. Have a positive result from a prenatal genetic screen for Down syndrome.
    4. A child diagnosed with developmental disorder like Autism

    These are a few examples of scenarios that confront patients with complex information to be understood and assimilated, and with an array of conflicting emotions.

    These - as well as other- scenarios oftentimes require difficult decision-making that involve many technical, ethical and highly personal questions. Genetic counseling plays an invaluable role in this process by offering specialized services within a clinical setting.

    Genetic Counseling


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    Who can benefit from this test ?

    Appropriate for healthy individuals wanting to understand their genetic predisposition to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other multifactorial conditions.

    Preconception genetic counseling is available to couples who are planning a pregnancy, to discuss risks to a future pregnancy as well as available testing options.

    A referral to genetics/genetic counseling is extremely crucial for newborns or children suspected to have a genetic condition. A genetic condition may be suspected because of clinical symptoms, birth defects, or developmental delays.


    Personal or family history of

    Cancers, Cardiovascular problems , Hematologic condition associated with excessive bleeding or excessive clotting (as evidenced by recurrent deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary emboli), progressive neurologic conditions such as early onset dementia, Visual loss , Early onset hearing loss, Mental illness

    A close relative with sudden, unexplained death, particularly at a young age.

    Recognized genetic disorder including a chromosomal or single gene disorder.

    How do we analyze?

    How long does it take to get the report?

    Scheduling based on your convenience and availability of Genetic Counselor

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    The counselor was very empathetic, listened to all my concerns with a lot of patience. Made me understand all possibilities and next steps I should take. Worth every penny.