Biotracker™ LIMS

Traditionally, LIMS vendors focusing on multiple Industries adopt a shoehorn approach for squeezing a sample-centric LIMS into a project based environment. It just does not work in research. A LIMS must interweave to meet the needs of a researcher.Biotracker™ is designed keeping you in mind.

Biotracker™ provides an adaptive platform to capture your research findings. Rather than dictate, Biotracker™ captures your work in an organized structure. Your data is secure. Here you control the viewing of your data to other scientists. You choose the level of regulatory compliance that is required. If the attribute describing a type of sample requires more information, then just add them and Biotracker™ will logically store the information describing the biospecimen or the subject. Most importantly Biotracker™ supports the core feature set that is needed to improve the productivity of your laboratories.

Biotracker™ key features in a nutshell:Laboratory Administration, Project Design and Scheduling, Work Flow and Process Tracking, Experiment Tracking, Analysis and Archival, Sample Management and Chain of Custody, Hierarchal Location Tracking, Plate Tracking, Inventory Management and Tracking, Special Inventories, Forms and Fields, Instrument Integration for Automated Data Capture, Report Builder, Cost Estimation of Projects, Invoicing, and Reports of Raw Data and Integrated Results.


Sample Management

  • Easy-to-use sample management – accession, tracking, status and annotations
  • Simple representation of Sample Genealogy for easy visualization of the most complex relationships
  • Barcode support (1D, 2D) for high-throughput sample handling
  • Create 96- or 384-well plates and populate the plates with samples through configurable placing rules

Data Management

  • Define and store your data associated with samples, personnel, vendors, inventory, and instruments
  • Manage documents – version control, check out/ check in, view history, search for documents, share and grant access to users
  • Supports instrument data integration by capturing outputs from instruments (.csv and .xls formats)

Instrument Management

  • Define Instrument Types and models that are used in laboratories
  • Track maintenance details such as date of maintenance, done by, next due on, down time, etc
  • Maintain qualification details such as IQ, OQ, PQ and General Qualification details for each instrument
  • Map data from instrument files to attributes in Biotracker™ that can be saved, reused and shared

Inventory Management

  • Keep track of chemicals, labware and other lab inventories
  • Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and hazard details pertaining to chemicals and other inventory
  • Store and maintain preparation procedures, ingredients, and composition for stock solutions
  • Track usage of inventory, reorder levels and get email alerts for reordering
  • Barcode support for all inventory containers


  • Security and access control to the system and data
  • Maintain records of all personnel in the lab and create unique user IDs
  • Define authority levels by specifying various privileges associated with each level
  • Unlimited hierarchical location level setting and browse item in location according to item type
  • Non-editable audit trail capture, time stamped log of activity

Compliance and Reports

  • Complete compliance including support for 21 CFR Part 11, and GxP
  • Configurable time stamped audit trail for data to operate in two modes – Silent and Forced
  • On demand generation of standard reports– Instrument Validation, Location Content History, Inventory Stock, etc
  • Save/share queries and generate reports in html, .xls, .rtf or .pdf


Five great reasons to try Biotracker™:

  • The LIMS with the Highest Value in the Market: Biotracker™ is an efficient and cost effective LIMS solution for Sample Management, Data Management, Inventory Management and Instrument Management designed to satisfy the needs of small to medium laboratories. Biotracker™ provides an easy-to-use yet flexible solution which enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your laboratory operation.
  • Secure enterprise-wide data management: Make use of the robust capabilities of Biotracker™ to automate your laboratory operation including laboratory administration, sample management and chain of custody, hierarchal location tracking, plate tracking, inventory management and tracking, special inventories, forms and fields, instrument integration for automated data capture, report builder and reports of raw data and integrated results.
  • Collaborative environment for superior results: Biotracker™ can support multiple laboratories simultaneously while ensuring through its security modules that only the appropriate personnel can access the appropriate functions and data. By having your data in a centralized location Biotracker™ promotes collaboration between departments and will facilitate and accelerate your research. Additionally, Biotracker™ provides the ability to easily integrate your instruments improving throughput and reducing transcription error. Lastly, Biotracker™ built-in ad-hoc query and reporting facility will empower you to perform data mining and analysis.
  • Enhance your productivity; accelerate your science:Biotracker™ has been designed for improved information management for all labs. Like your peers in large laboratory organizations, now you can improve productivity, accelerate science, and have beneficial collaborations by choosing a LIMS which has been designed keeping you in mind. Your requirements have always defined our priorities.
  • 24 X 5 Free Support: Free live chat and post sales e-mail support for life.