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Functional Medicine Consultation

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Functional Medicine Doctor
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    45 min - 1 hr Virtual Functional Medicine Consultation with functional medicine experts


    Functional medicine practitioners focus on uncovering the root causes of your health concerns, offering personalized treatment plans with an emphasis on lifestyle modifications, nutritional guidance and integrative therapies.

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    Why to take this consultation?

    Are you tired of just managing your symptoms ? Are you ready to address the root causes of your health issues ?

    Functional Medicine doctors take a holistic approach to healthcare and help you find root cause of your health issues rather than treat symptoms. 

    How is it different from a regular doctor consultation ? 

    Functional medicine doctors help you understand genetics, lifestyle, diet and environment which are contributing your health problems and get a personalized plan for you. Functional medicine is great for resolving long-standing symptoms and chronic health issues.

    Functional medicine is health and patient oriented rather than disease and doctor centered. This is useful for those looking for primary prevention for better health rather than early detection of disease.


    1. Personalized Treatment Plans
    2. Root Cause Analysis
    3. Lifestyle Modifications
    4. Nutritional Guidance
    5. Preventive Care
    6. Chronic Disease Management

    Functional Medicine Consultation


    • Personalized and Actionable

    • Pan India Shipping

    • Digital Reports

    • Secure Personal Data


    Who can benefit from this test ?

    1. People suffering from long-standing symptoms
    2. Those who have chronic health issues
    3. Those who want to find root cause and solve their health issues permanently rather than temporary symptom reduction
    4. Those who want a holistic health evaluation

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