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FTO Obesity Report

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    FTO - Obesity Report helps you determine your genetic risk for Obesity based on FTO gene analysis.

    The FTO gene is a major factor influencing your BMI and Obesity. Using this information based on your unique genetic profile, you can make informed decisions about your exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

    Three Steps For Life-Long Benefits


    Step 1The sample collection kit is delivered to your doorstep. Provide your sample and fill the consent form 

    Providing sample is easy and can be done at your home in 2 mins 


    Step 2:  The kit with your saliva sample is picked up from your doorstep, and the sample proceeds to sample processing.


    Step 3: Receive your report in the email provided by you.


    • Saliva
    FTO Obesity Report


    • Personalized and Actionable

    • Pan India Shipping

    • Digital Reports

    • Secure Personal Data


    Who can benefit from this test ?

    Suited for customers who have the following questions on their mind

    I am struggling with weight management despite following diet plans and fitness regimens. Why is that?

    I am healthy now. Am I more prone to obesity in the future?

    How do we analyze?

    RT PCR

    How long does it take to get the report?

    10 days

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