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Myfitgene - DNA powered fitness and nutrition

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    MyFitGene™ is a DNA based sports & fitness solution helping you discover your true potential.

    This provides 40+ easy to read reports that guide fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You will be able to personalize your training regimen and diet plan. This is a once-in-a-lifetime, non-invasive solution which includes free genetic counseling and personalized recommendations.

    [Sample processing and analysis done in our NABL accredited Lab]


    Three Steps For Life-Long Benefits


    Step 1The sample collection kit is delivered to your doorstep. Provide your sample and fill the consent form 

    Providing sample is easy and can be done at your home in 2 mins 


    Step 2:  The kit with your saliva sample is picked up from your doorstep, and the sample proceeds to sample processing.


    Step 3: Receive your report in the email provided by you and have a free genetic counseling session to get a personalized action plan.



    1. Information on 6 key focus areas like Cardio-respiratory fitness, Muscle strength & Endurance, Body composition, Neurological components, Clinical parameters and Injury risk & Recovery.
    2. Genetic counselling support to aid your training
    3. Find out your innate strengths and optimize your nutrition, fitness and wellness
    4. Understand your Injury risk and recovery potential
    5. Make your workouts more effective, reduce trial-and-error cycles
    6. Fast-track your fitness goals


    40+ conditions like-

    Vitamin B12
    Lactose Intolerance

    Sports Performance
    Response to Exercise
    Coronary Heart Disease

    Addiction to Alcohol
    Anxiety & Eating Disorder

    • Saliva
    DNA-based fitness solution
    Myfitgene - DNA powered fitness and nutrition
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    Myfitgene conditions list
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    • Personalized and Actionable

    • Pan India Shipping

    • Digital Reports

    • Secure Personal Data


    Who can benefit from this test ?

    1. Fitness enthusiasts
    2. Athletes
    3. Individuals trying to personalize diet and nutrition
    4. Individuals who are preparing for events such as Hiking, Marathons, Cycling etc.,

    How do we analyze?

    This report is generated based on Polygenic Risk Score(PRS). A polygenic risk score (PRS) estimates an individual’s genetic risk(predisposition) for a trait or condition. PRS takes the sum(aggregate) of all known common variants to calculate an overall genetic risk for a particular condition.

    How long does it take to get the report?

    3 Weeks

    Customer Reviews

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    sneha TEST

    Myfitgene - DNA powered fitness and nutrition

    Madhu Sundaram


    Good for budding cricketers

    As a 15-year-old who is passionate about cricket, I was thrilled to try out Mapmygenome's MyFitGene genetic testing service, which provides personalized insights into an individual's athletic abilities and potential.

    I found the MyFitGene service to be incredibly informative and insightful. The test analyzes an individual's genetic makeup and provides a detailed report on various athletic traits such as endurance, power, and injury risk. This information can be used to tailor training and nutrition plans to optimize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

    What I found particularly helpful was that the report included specific recommendations for improving performance based on my genetic makeup. This included recommendations for specific types of training, as well as suggestions for nutritional supplements that could enhance my performance.

    Overall, I think the MyFitGene service is an excellent tool for anyone who is passionate about sports and wants to take their performance to the next level. The insights provided by the service can help individuals understand their athletic potential and provide guidance on how to optimize their training and nutrition plans. As a young cricket player, I found the information to be incredibly valuable and I would highly recommend the MyFitGene service to anyone who is serious about sports.

    Very Useful Product

    This product is the best.With the help of this product i can now able to get fit.

    Super Products

    Thanks for your advice. Mapmy Genome help to gain my weight... I'm try other products also but they don't help to gain my weight. This product help me so much. Once again thank you very much