We help researchers in their ground-breaking work by

  • Supporting different omics platforms and analyses

  • Providing Options that fit your research goals and budget

  • Using Advanced Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Tools

  • Leveraging our 23+ years of genomics experience

How it Works?

  • Design your Study

    We’ll work with you to design a study specific to the research needs of your community. Our goal is to make this a collaborative process and to help you create implementation workflows that work for your organization.

  • Distribute Genetic Testing Kits

    You can choose to have genetic test kits shipped directly to your study participants’ homes or participants can provide their sample through in-office collection kits. Each kit comes with all of the sample collection materials

  • Send back genetic test kits

    Once a sample has been collected, the kit can be sent back to our lab. Our team of laboratory technicians, clinical genome scientists, and medical geneticists will process and analyze the sample

  • Get Results

    Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to intensive analysis.

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