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Genomepatri™ is a composite report of your genetic makeup from Mapmygenome™. Please email us for a brochure.


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J Ramakumari

The Genetic Counselor made the environment quite @ ease, very knowledgeable and understanding person. Smart ways of dealing with patients. Patience @ very high level. Covered each n every aspect. Hope she reaches great heights in future.

Suryamohan S

I am convinced that genomics is a way to go for preventive healthcare. I have done it out of curiosity but it turned out to be a health guide for my rest of life. The whole process was very professional and the counselling was exceptionally great. I'm sure my doctors would be delighted to leverage these findings and recommendations towards the best treatment for my health requirements in future.

Natasha Jog



I have made some radical changes to my lifestyle and hope to continue to do so. The best part was the summary report after counseling that was very helpful. I have now recommended it to many more.
Please continue the good work


We are a group of 11 friends and we have been wanting to work on a better fitness plan for ourselves. While we have tried other things before, one of our acquaintances told us about genomepatri and how it helped him.

All of us were lucky that we got it at the 9999 price point during the flash sale. We are awaiting results and are very excited that we can improve our group health.


All the pundits now should use this service along with the janampatri. The genomepatri is innovative and fascinating. Great experience and I saw the 9999 sale. plan to do buy a bunch for all my friends as birthday gifts. I am sure they will appreciate it.

Vamshi Krishna

Wow! so much information can be got from that little saliva sample. I am intrigued by this science. I truly liked the service and have already implemented some of the changes. The secondary report after genetic counseling was appreciated by my doctor. Mapmygenome team thank you


I just purchased my own genomepatri. I am quite excited to find out about my genetics. The Rs 9999 offer is outstanding. Will write another review after I get my results.

Gyan Kumar

My sister gave this as a gift to me as she had done it herself and found it useful. I kept the box for a couple months and finally did it. I found the process very eaay and the team was easy to work with. The updates were terrific and some of the blog posts were interesting.
After counseling, I made a few changes in my lifestyle. I cannot thank my sister and you all at Mapmygenome

Vijay Shanti

I am 35 years old and Its been 4 months since I did the genomepatri and I have changed my habits based on the genetic counseling. We cannot change our genes, but we can change our habits surely. This kind of convinced me to do so..

Group Captain Chandra Shekhar(Retd.) "

"This genetic approach to good health was new to me. It cautioned me against potential diseases which may get afflicted to, but also advised me how to prevent them with lifestyle modifications, diet and early medical intervention. all my queris were promptly replied and the post genetic counselling was a pleasant experience as if I am talking to my family doctor and getting all sorts of doubts cleared.
suggestions:1.Blood sample may also been taken for further corroboration that correct DNA has been isolated for test. This also gives a psychological satisfaction to the client. 2. The hard copy of the test should have page numbers and bound,at least spirally bound,to make it more presentable and durable. I wish you Co.achieves international bench mark in this field. Group Captain Chandra Shekhar(Retd.) "


Absolutely happy and proud to have made the decision to go for mapmygenome. I now have greater awareness about my overall health and the genetic counselling after the report made me feel even more confident as to how to go about for a healthier future. Thank you!

Dilip Singh Bhati

The session was very good, but would be best if increased at least for 2 hours so that full report can be explained and all the doubts can be cleared.

Mandavi Sharma

"I do not have a comparitive product to benchmark one against the other, but the tests have certainly given me an insight into my own and my family's health issues to watch out for. Of course, only someone who is proactive about the health of their dear ones, will opt for these tests in the frst place. I have come back now more aware about the propensity of developing certain health conditions for each of us and the precautions to be taken thereof. Like they say prevention is better than cure!

Mandavi Sharma

It was really good. Great team

Yoginder Sharma

Full value for money, effort and energy expended. Thank you all for a great learning experience. Courteous service cheerfully extended- I am grateful.


Overall it was a novel experience, never before have I undergone a medical test with so much comfort. The executives were very good in guiding about the entire process. The session with the counselor was also very clearing my queries.

Vidhi Kapur

Dharti was a great consultant. She was very good with explaining me the whole report answering all questions in depth , had a great experience !

Shiven Kenia

"I sincerely enjoyed the counselling, the staff is well educated and experienced
to actively listen and suggest feed-backs as per individuals case."


"Counselling was excellent! Very glad I did this. Your counsellor was very skilled.
Enjoyed talking to her - friendly, expert and calming - just the right tone!"

RVVSR Lakshmi

Very useful product to find suitable sport to improve and excel. Great service

Nilesh Yadav

This is something unique and a must have for everyone. Nothing is greater than you life, and MapMyGenome is a life saviour!

Ajith Kumar Thankappan

The inferences and findings from the Geneompatri has been quite useful. Some of it was expected but a few of them quite unexpected. It explained some of the experiences I have had with respect to diet sensitivities, susceptibility to certain diseases etc. It gave me a good idea of changes to the lifestyle required and the kind of diagnostic tests I need to focus on in the future.

Jacques-Philippe Piverger

Very good experience. Would recommend to others.

Vivek Kailas

Extremely well integrated process that updates the customer from sample collection to availability of report and for personal counselling session. It was seamless and what i respect is the counselling and suggestions that are quite easy to implement ...its just about which fruits and which vegetables to eat and make it part of daily life to help probable risks.


I was told it would take 6-8 weeks but I got my report in 4 weeks and then the counseling and the secondary report with great suggestions by the counselor.
The best part was that I got it in the year end sale. Am getting this done for the family now.

E Phani Kumar

"Genomepatri is a wonderful product. From now, through my Genomepatri report I can lead a Happy life.

The service offered by MapMyGenome is Outstanding. I was amazed when I received the response through mail even on a holiday regarding the Genetic Counselling of my Genomepatri report.

Thanks a lot to everyone for your valuable services. "

Rod Stuart

"Genomapatri brings genomics into my life, I am delighted to have entered the space of personalised health consciousness so a big thanks to the whole team at Mapmygenome it’s a rewarding journey and that’s only after the first steps . Personally I feel great acting on the red flags, making adjustments to my daily rhythms, nuts, green veg and goodbye gluten, biscuits and all. Appointments are made to review / replace two lines of medication with my Cardiologist, I am sure he will be delighted I am sharing my potential response to Aspirin and Statins, small steps however potentially big changes to come. Importantly I am being nudged into new relationships with the Ophthalmologist and Oncologist, this will be life changing. Family and friends are delighted I am taking personal health seriously if a little late, better now than never, “Dad’s being actively responsible”, I like that! Others I am sure will follow.




I have been fascinated by the whole science of genomics, and how it can be used to predict what kind of diseases, etc. one is susceptible to, through reading your genome. I had read about it in the context of 23andme ( in the US.
When I learnt that was offering the same here, I was at once thrilled and circumspect. Thrilled, because I wanted to try it. Circumspect, because I was not sure if the same quality and technology would be available here. The test is deceptively simple. Just open the compact, well-designed kit, and you have a little glass tube with a ear-bud like swab. Take a saliva swab from your mouth through the method prescribed; put it into the tube and repack the kit. Let mapmygenome know, and the courier boy arrives the same day to take the kit back. Super simple and super convenient. In a week or so, a detailed pdf report came into my inbox. Reasonably well presented and mostly simple to understand, the report scanned more than 100 conditions and flagged off 4-5 red flags for me. It also told me what diseases I had a lower probability of getting, and what I had higher probability of getting; compared to the general population. It was a little disconcerting to see that I had higher probability of getting Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease, etc. but at least I knew, and forewarned is forearmed...
The next day I got a mail from their genetic counsellor who scheduled a Skype call with me (part of the package). She walked me through the report, and explained what precautions I must take, and what I should tell my doctor the next time I went to see him. Helpful and instructive.
Overall, it was a novel, simple and learning experience.
Pros: Simple test, convenient logistics, detailed report, great counselling
Cons: Report could be better presented, the instruction sheet in the kit needs to be redone, the price could be lower
Overall: Totally recommend this. I believe that this is the way healthcare will become - predictive, rather than curative. It is good to be well informed about your inherited conditions, so that you can take the right precautions.

Caveat: I know many people in the startup space. I am therefore, acquainted with the founder-ceo of mapmygenome. I have not let that bias my review.


Brilliant product. Loved the entire experience including the Genetic Counseling

Rimpal Chawla

Very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the report. I used to get my annual health check-up done and knowing what I now know, thanks to "Genomepatri", my physician and I have a better handle on the meaning of my health statistics and predispositions. It was amazingly simple to administer. I was apprised of the progress regularly. The report is comprehensive and easy to read. The counsellor is very knowledgable and explained the report with great care and patience. Must for everyone who cares for their health. Highly recommended!

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Genomepatri™ heralds the new paradigm of health management, harnessing personal genomics for better health.
Going beyond systems, organs and cells, this innovative test studies the DNA - the core that defines a person.

Genomepatri™ is a revolutionary test that gives a new dimension to prevention and cure.

We help you understand what your genetic variations mean and how it may affect you. Your genes, along with your psyche and lifestyle, play a critical role in your overall health. With Genomepatri™, you can learn about inherited and acquired genetic health risks.

The process is as simple as it can get. The results give you an insight into weaknesses in you immunity, genetic predisposition to certain health conditions and drug efficiency and sensitivities, providing you a map of your present as well as future health.

Our in-house genetic counselors also help you understand your report better. Our expert panel of doctors will help your understand specific conditions better and possibly test for them early to take control of your health.

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