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Genomepatri™ Fit (earlier known as Myfitgene) is a genetics-based nutrition and fitness planner. As part of this test, we collect blood/saliva samples and analyze DNA for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs at targeted loci in specific genes. These SNPs are associated with specific traits. Key traits such as obesity and fat storage and metabolism are issues of focus. We also look at Vitamins, Resilience, Sporting Abilities and much more.


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Abhijit Chanda

It's an excellent product for sure. I never expected to get so much detail and so much advice that can be put into action to improve my health and minimize the risks that my genes speak of. Your representatives were knowledgeable and attentive from the start and helped me understand the services and findings in all the detail I wanted. The final counseling session was enlightening and extensive, yet very easy to understand and action. I will be back. For the more initiated clientele, you could provide more detailed descriptions of the research studies that you base your methodology on. It would be an interesting read.

Baddy Junior

Baddy Junior


Its just amazing product.. I was recommended to use this website by one of my friends. So i bought the product and got the best results... The power genome and brains products are just awesome. This is one of the trusted companys and now i recommend everyone to use this product. Genomepatri can be described in one word as just awesome.

Vincent T

I was told about this product from mapmygenome by my coach. He showed me a sample and I was like- wow.... I need this,
So I ordered the test and the sample collection was so easy. I got a lot of regular email and sms updates and finally the day came- when I got my genomepatri fit.
I was so excited and its been 10 days since my counseling and recommendations report and I cannot stop talking about this product. I wish I had done this 5 years ago. But never too late.

Vijay Shankar

I always wanted to do the Mapmygenome test but did not want to know about diseases. Since I like playing sports and keeping fit, I tried this one out.
Genomepatri Fit allowed me to understand about Vitamins, my resilience, endurance gene and so much more.

I think everyone should do this test.
Maybe one day I will upgrade to the full.

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Genomepatri™ Fit (earlier known as Myfitgene)

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