Real-Time Assays (qPCR)

R & D Services

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) or Real-Time PCR assays is a reaction that monitors the amplification of a targeted DNA molecule during the PCR in real-time, usually as a fluorescence intensity and not at its end, as in conventional PCR. These assays could be based on SYBR dye or TaqMan chemistry. Compared against end-point PCR approaches, qPCR provides superior sensitivity and precision.

Mapmygenome provides qPCR services using platforms:

R & D Services-2
  • Step-one Real-Time PCR machine (ThermoFisher Scientific).

  • 7500 Real-Time PCR Machine (ThermoFisher Scientific).

  • Quantstudio (Open array system, ThermoFisher Scientific).


  • Gene expression analysis (validation of Microarray and NGS data, custom gene expression profiling depending on the client needs)

  • Splice variant analysis (a splice site mutation affects the amount of mRNA synthesis and qPCR analysis helps to understand these changes)

  • Diagnostic studies for infectious diseases such as TB

  • SNP Genotyping/allelic discrimination: A custom design of a set of SNPs (16-256 SNPs) can be analyzed in study subjects for client requirements/research studies

Microarray & NGS Services

Microarray Services: Gene expression profiling is provided using Agilent microarray platform

NGS: Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing services are provided - from sample preparation to data analysis