MyFitGene Is Your Key to Achieving Faster Fitness Goals - Here's Why

MyFitGene Is Your Key to Achieving Faster Fitness Goals - Here's Why

Exercise is a great way to improve your health and fitness. Different people have different goals when it comes to exercise, such as:

But how can you tell if your exercise routine is working for you, or if you need to change something?

Your genes make you unique - they influence how you respond to different exercises and foods. Knowing your genetic profile can help you plan your lifestyle to suit your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, stay fit, prevent diseases, or build muscles, you can use your genes as a guide to optimize your health and fitness.

With MyFitGene™, MapmyGenome™’s DNA-based sports and fitness assessment test, you can personalize your fitness and diet while understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your body. Your MyFitGene™ test report outlines everything about you including your body’s response to various kinds of exercises/physical training. 

Let's break it down into five reasons why MyFitGene™ could be your new fitness and nutrition BFF:

1. A workout plan just for you

Ever wondered ‘why people doing identical fitness routines end up with different results? The answer to this question lies in your genes, that give you valuable advice on what kind of workouts suit you.

MyFitGene™ decodes your genes, telling you how fast your body burns energy or how strong are your muscles. With your MyFitGene™ report, you can find out the most effective workout strategies tailored to your genetic profile. This data-driven approach removes the need for guesswork, helping you reach your fitness aspirations more efficiently.

2. Your genes can say a lot about your diet

The genes you’ve inherited can determine your response to a particular type of nutrition. That’s why you might have lactose intolerance or that horrible peanut allergy!  Learn which nutrients your body may need more of, based on your genetic markers with the help of  MyFitGene™. You can learn about your lactose & gluten intolerance, peanut allergy,  coffee sensitivity, fat sensitivity, carbohydrate sensitivity, vitamin levels, antioxidant capacity, and more.

3. Dodge injuries like a pro

Ever wished you could avoid those pesky injuries? MyFitGene™ has your back! MyFitGene™ report can provide insights into your injury susceptibility (ACL Rupture),  recovery rate, and endurance, offering crucial information for athletes and sportspersons,  striving to optimize their performance potential.


4. Your Health, your way

MyFitGene™  isn't just about now – it's a glimpse into your future. Find out if any health surprises are waiting for you down the road. Knowing your genetic predisposition to conditions like obesity, and heart conditions, can be crucial in your fitness journey. For example, if you have a genetic variant that increases your risk of obesity, you may want to focus more on maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding excess calories. On the other hand, if you have a genetic variant that lowers your aerobic capacity, you may want to improve your endurance and cardiovascular health by doing more aerobic exercises.

5. Easy and convenient to use

To get MyFitGene™, you just need to order a kit online  and collect your saliva sample at home. Then, you send the sample back to the lab and wait for your results. You can access your results online and get a detailed report that explains your genetic profile and gives you personalized recommendations through our free genetic counseling session. 

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