Unwinding Genes and Rewinding Geneology with Genomepatri Heritage

Unwinding Genes and Rewinding Geneology with Genomepatri Heritage

What determines your ancestry? 

We often see ourselves as part of different groups or races, but most of our genes are very similar. It's that tiny 1% difference that holds the secrets to our family history and what makes us unique.

Throughout history, people have moved to find better places to live. India has been a good place for a long time because it has flat land, good soil, water for farming, and lots of resources. So many people from different regions arrived in India over the course of history for that reason. 

Well, India is like a big melting pot of people from all over. Different religions, languages, and cultures mix together. People in India look different – some are tall, some are short, some are dark, and some are fair. This is because of their ancestors from different places. This migration had its upsides and downsides too. As humans evolved, we changed physically to survive in different places. But these changes also made us vulnerable to certain problems, like getting sick from certain foods.


What I found in my Genomepatri Heritage Test?

My interest in genealogy and genetics comes from my roots in Kerala, India, where many different groups have lived and traded over centuries, creating a mix of genes. My ancestry test results were surprising. Most of my genes (95.3%) came from South Asia, with a big chunk (71.1%) from South India, which is where I'm from. That wasn't a shock.

What did surprise me was the 24.2% connection to Pakistan and the links to groups like 'Pathan' (17.4%) and 'Sindhi' (6.8%). It made me realize that we're more connected than we think. The test also showed a 3.9% link to East Asia, which explains why some people thought I looked a bit like a 'Nepali' when I was a kid.

The report mentioned 0.8% connection to 'Others,' which means there are more hidden links waiting to be discovered.

As we learn more about genes, our understanding of where we come from grows deeper. It's a reminder that, despite our differences, we're all part of one big family.

The Genomepatri Heritage ancestry test aims to bring people together by revealing their true origins. It's like saying, "We're all one big family" and helping us explore our shared history.


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