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OncoMap is Mapmygenome’s DNA based solution for screening, preventing and managing 17+ cancers. It also includes an analysis of physiological and lifestyle traits known to trigger cancers based on DNA analysis and interpretation. This solution includes free genetic counselling and personalised recommendations.

This solution uses a proprietary algorithm called SNaPpy using polygenic risk scores.(PRS) 


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Why Oncomap?

Often, cancers are not detected until the terminal stages, reducing the chances of response to treatment and survival. Most people develop cancer because of having a high genetic risk (due to presence of gene variations that are known to act as a risk factor) , environmental factors, and lifestyle changes. It is imperative to have a preventive strategy - Urbanized, fast-paced lifestyles and/or the presence of a family history of cancer can increase risk, which calls for early screening and lifestyle intervention.

What is Oncomap?

Oncomap is a comprehensive genomic assessment of cancer risk for 15+ cancers, physiological traits which are known to trigger cancers, and lifestyle traits(such as addiction habits) based on DNA analysis and interpretation.

  • Lifetime risk assessment for holistic health management.
  • Early screening for cancer - identify the potential risks and adapt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Prevention of certain cancers - keep tabs on your clinical parameters.
  • Understanding inheritance patterns in cancers.

Conditions Covered



How do you benefit?

The biggest advantage that Oncomap gives you is time - the key to fighting cancer

  • With information on the risk, you can ensure that a high risk does not convert into a cancer, through screening and lifestyle changes.
  • Some lifestyle traits are known to increase the risk for cancer. With Oncomap, you can learn about your risk to alcoholism and nicotine dependence to ensure a better lifestyle.
  • With pre-test and post-test genetic counseling, including analysis of your medical and family history, we help you chart out plans to prevent cancer.
  • By analyzing your response to medication, we can also help choose the treatment plan that’s most suited to you.

Who can take the test?

  • Personal and/or family history of cancer, especially cancer diagnosed younger than age 50
  • More than one close family member diagnosed with either the same type of cancer or related cancers (e.g., breast and ovarian, melanoma, and pancreatic)
  • Diagnosis of rare cancer or a rare tumor
  • Diagnosis of two or more primary cancers in an individual
  • Multiple generations affected with the same type of cancer or related cancers

How it Works?


Sample Collection

Collect your sample, & make sure the cap is securely fastened. Reach out to us, & we will have kit collected from you.


Lab Processing

Once your DNA process our QC, it is then subjected to a variety of tests to ensure that your DNA is ready to be read!


Data Analysis

Your DNA has been read! The genetic sequence thus obtained is now subjected to intensive analysis.


Report Generation

Your report is generated

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